I AM The Way, The Truth & The Life

Last Sunday we looked at this well known part of the gospel of John - Here are some question for you to help you take God's word home.

“I AM” The Way, the Truth & The Life

Texts: John 14:1-14 Main Idea: Jesus is our only solid hope in this life and the one to come

What are the kinds of situations that might cause people to experience what Jesus describes here as a troubled heart? 

What in particular do we discover in John’s gospel that the disciples are troubled about? (13:31-38) How does Jesus seek to help them with that? 

Jesus says he is going to prepare a place for them - Cast you eyes over John ch 18 - 20 (especially 19:28-30) - how does what He does next achieve that?

What insight does Jesus being the way, the truth and the life rather than just someone who shows us the way, tells us the truth and shows us lifegive us into our salvation?

Many object to Jesus being the only way to God as too narrow, intolerant and arrogant. Read Romans 3:19-23 - how might this help us in responding to people who are struggling with this?

Is John 14:6 an expression of God’s unwillingness to save or His breathtaking grace? in what way? What did it cost for people (for you) to come to the Father through Jesus?

How does all this enable us to have peaceful hearts in this life? What has belief in God and in Jesus got to do with that?

In what way have you experienced a troubled heart at times? How might a growing confidence and dependance on Jesus help you and others you know whose hearts may be troubled?

Spend time expressing dependance and trust in God through Jesus, praising God that we can come to Him through Jesus, praising Him that Jesus in our life.

Pray that we would have solid hope in Jesus in such a way that our lives have a stability to them no matter what comes our way.

Thank God that one day Jesus is coming to take us to be where He is

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